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Our Process

Our process maximizes your return on investment. We know we have succeeded when our clients look like heroes, the participants feel fully engaged, and the stakeholders’ business goals are met.

1. Discovery Phase

Establish the business purpose for the event.  Determine the goals and expectations for each step of the event.

2. Contract Proposal

Determine the specific elements that Agile will manage.

3. Planning Phase

Create and maintain a detailed project plan.  This includes budgetary items, vendor and service procurement, transportation, and complete event management.

4. Event Operations

Put the project plan into action.  Our experienced staff works through every point of your event to ensure that everything is just the way it is supposed to be.

5. Budget Reconciliation

Balance program budget with final vendor invoices.  Ensure that each step was calculated and invoiced accurately.

6. Post Event Evaulation

Provide post event summary and return on the event.  Analyze participant and guest feedback on services.

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